Reimagining the Business Case for Circular Wind Energy Infrastructure

With the imminent threat of climate change, a growing population and a financing gap of $15 trillion, the world will require a new way of thinking, and public investment in infrastructure will be a driver. A key pillar in driving a long-term positive outcome is ‘sustainable infrastructure’, which the Circular Economy and its principles are a key enabler in influencing success. Circular principles are a way to attract more investment, and given that infrastructure consumes more than 50% of raw materials, there is no greater time to adopt a circular way of thinking.

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Sustainable design: Deconstruction, reassembly and future flexibility
A better approach to assessing value: Pre-agreed residual values higher than zero, and clear residual value calculation method
A better approach to assessing risk: A fair distribution of pains and gains among value chain partners
Minimise waste and maximise life span: Circular sourcing, resource efficiency, usage optiminsation
A ‘blueprint’ for tangibly embedding circular principles in the business case for public infrastructure
This project will define tangible principles and hard metrics to reimginge the business case for circular infrastructure