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4 teams. 4 big projects.

Securing procurement pathways for sustainable infrastructure

Led by Arup, this project team is working to develop a solution for improving the procurement pathways and investment case for sustainable infrastructure. The vision for this project is to enable a better account of the broader impacts that drive sustainable solutions and positive society-wide benefits.
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Next Generation Risk Modelling and Decision Support

Led by Downer EDI, this project team is working to develop an exciting technology transfer opportunity — applying advanced modelling and reasoning technology from the military intelligence arena in the private infrastructure sector. The vision for this project is to optomise both the design and management of work.
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Costing Carbon Externalities in Infrastructure

Led by KBR, this project team is working to develop a carbon costing framework that factors whole-life carbon estimates into strategic decision-making on infrastructure investments. The vision for this project is to influence the prioritisation of what is built, and when, to both decarbonize infrastructure and deliver on the private and public sector commitments to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
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The Infrastructure CoLab drives action forward

Similar to traditional science labs where the scientific method dictates the iterative process by which results are achieved, the Infrastructure CoLab offers a neutral space dedicated to industry-led problem-solving in a highly collaborative, fast-paced and experimental environment.
Through co-investment and partnership, the Infrastructure CoLab incubates opportunity areas identified by the industry and accelerates the development of new ventures, joint projects and even the creation of new startups. Working with industry leaders, the Infrastructure CoLab helps to mitigate risk and accelerate success by leveraging the power of collaboration action through diverse networks.

A program like no other.

For each round of the Infrastructure CoLab, companies will be matched to form project teams and guided through a multi-party innovation process to solve challenges across the opportunity areas.
In the first round these project opportunity areas will be:


Realising the future of infrastructure through the integration of data management and emerging technologies


Investigating the incorporation of sustainable materials in the infrastructure industry to reduce barriers of adoption


Understanding the opportunities of creating resilient, liveable communities through multi-space usage


Exploring methods of enabling the transition of the infrastructure industry to circular economy principles


Rethinking the future of energy through emerging technologies and new business models

What should be at the centre of decision-making when it comes to sustainable infrastructure of the future?

Grab yourself a seat at the table.

The Infrastructure CoLab brings together Australia’s leaders to explore the most pressing issues surrounding infrastructure; supporting industry to collaborate and innovate to create a more sustainable future.

Leveraging Business Models Inc.’s multi-party innovation lab framework and methodology, building from learnings of past and ongoing lab programs, and supported by world-leading academic research, the Infrastructure CoLab provides a platform for systemic co-innovation that takes participants through a lean and iterative process of rapid prototyping to develop real solutions that create social change.

With the aim of assisting the industry to move towards circular economy principles through co-innovation, the Infrastructure CoLab will also undertake academic research to support such scaling innovations across the industry, facilitating a broader transition to circular economy principles. More so, the Infrastructure CoLab has been designed to evolve over time in line with the changing needs of industry. For participants, the Lab will be an immersive learning exchange; providing an environment to test and explore solutions to entrenched challenges.

A pathway for acceleration.

A partnership between Business Models Inc and the University of Queensland’s Sustainable Infrastructure Research Hub, to establish the Infrastructure CoLab and Advisory Board.

EOIs open for key players from industry sectors to join the Infrastructure CoLab as innovators.

Launch event for the Infrastructure CoLab. Here partners, supporters and industry innovators assist in focusing on problem prioritisation.

Over a number of months, partners embark on their design-led journey through a series of sprints, supported by research, to explore, and prototype solutions to their identified opportunity areas.

The Infrastructure CoLab culminates in a pitch event where industry leaders showcase solutions in response to the identified opportunity areas.

Developed solutions receive ongoing support through seed funding from the Infrastructure CoLab and the Queensland Government to continue the momentum. The Infrastructure CoLab will continue to run each year, evolving opportunity areas and research support in line with industry needs.

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Join the Infrastructure CoLab Journey.

The Infrastructure CoLab is accepting applications to join our inaugural pilot program. We’ll be exploring opportunities to solve for smart, sustainable, resilient, secure and innovative infrastructure problems.

If your organisation would like to collaborate and co-design solutions to the challenges and opportunities you see for the future of sustainable infrastructure, you’ll be working with leading industry professionals and public sector leaders, award-winning strategy designers and truly transdisciplinary academics.

Reach out to us below and register your interest.